It's time to join us for a dinner where... All of your senses are expanded and... You can focus on the food, the taste, the sound, and more... Because you are dining without seeing. Welcome to Dining in the Dark! Welcome to Dining in the Dark! Welcome to Dining in the Dark! Welcome to Dining in the Dark!

A journey for the senses...except one.

What to Expect

Let us take you on a journey of the senses
in one of the most unique dinners you will
ever experience. Once blindfolded let your
senses take over
and you’ll enjoy the smells,
the sounds, the tastes and the textures in a
way you never thought possible.

Your evening will be a combination of fine
food, inspiring music and a story that ties
everything together. You’ll laugh and enjoy,
you’ll guess what you are eating and you will
focus on the food and each other.

Upcoming Events

Please visit the buy tickets page to see information on our very next events and where you can purchase tickets for them!
Dining in the Dark is now adding venues and even more sensory-driven fine dining dark experiences! If you are a venue interested in hosting events, please call us at 617-426-1999 and a program concierge will answer all of your questions!

Still not sure?

Check out what other people are saying about Dining in the Dark.

“The prospect of eating in the dark or blindfolded was quite intimidating and I had mixed feelings about it…Overall, this will be one of the most memorable meals that I have ever had.”

For me, after adjusting to my blindfold and temporary blindness, the event was a heightened, meditative sensory experience…This was such fun!