Join Us at the Harvard Square Chocolate Festival

As part of the chocolate tours we had always wanted to do a chocolate festival and we were offered the opportunity to participate in the Taste of Chocolate festival in Harvard Square.  Although things happened too late this year to offer our chocolate classes and workshops, Dining in the Dark bookended the event with three terrific events, Friday and Saturday at Sandrine’s Bistro.  The three course meal created by Chef Raymond Ost will included chocolate, a glass of bubble to toast the beginning of the meal and a glass of red with your main entrée.  My wife Wendy and I, our friends Randy and Julie were all guests which was really fun for me.

Last night we were at Upstairs on the Square and got a great review on this blog,

So now as a producer of five of these events and a guest of one, I can wholeheartedly tell you that this is something you should try.  Tell your friends, tell your favorite restaurant, tell me.  Dining in the Dark is fun and you’ll love it.