Welcome to Dining in the Dark

Some things just come together.  As a serial entrepreneur there is nothing I enjoy more than starting a new project or a new business.  When the stars align as they have here, it is a joy, a pleasure to share my vision and see it come to life here.   As I sit here at the same computer that my father used less than a week ago, awaiting life support to be removed, I know that he would be proud, again.  It has special meaning to be launching this event at a time like this.  Inspiring.I couldn’t have done it without some very talented people:  Markus Ripperger is a talented chef with the vision that brought this to life.  Karen Nelson took the idea that I had and refined it, tweaked it so that it became her own voice, her own take on a journey of the senses that combined the food, the music and the location. Sonia Carrion is the person that really was able to bring this together and her music is inspiring and in just a few weeks she was able to bring our vision to life with the most incredible passion and talent and to think that this was my find through following her work on Facebook gives me more credit than I deserve.   Finally, Jayne Silverstein my other inspiration has stepped effortlessly to help direct the “show” makes it all the more special.

I look forward to hearing what you think about Dining in the Dark.  I believe that this journey of the senses will be one trip that you won’t want to miss.  Join us, you’ll be glad you did.